- No Adware.
- No Spyware.

Autorun Fighter

A light weight piece of application that fights Autorun simulated viruses as they occur and cleans any associated file.

Autorun Kicker.zip Autorun Kicker.zip
Size : 0.229 Kb
Type : zip

Website Investigator

 Just type a website address or an IP address and see where in the world it is hosted. Its IP database is updated daily!

Setup Website Investigator.zip Setup Website Investigator.zip
Size : 0.589 Kb
Type : zip

Parrot Accent

Congratulations! Language reader is FREE now!
With Language reader, you can hear the pronunciation of anything in 10 different languages.

Note: You need MS SAPI to run this application
Language Reader Setup.zip Language Reader Setup.zip
Size : 4.641 Kb
Type : zip

Internet Configuration Manager

A simple application that enables you to easily configure your internet settings and even disable the proxy set by your administrator!
Setup Internet Configuration Manager.zip Setup Internet Configuration Manager.zip
Size : 0.779 Kb
Type : zip

Agent Preview

This tool was mainly developed for software developers to reveal a list of the animations available for an agent "like the MS. Office Assistant Characters"

Agent_Preview.zip Agent_Preview.zip
Size : 0.035 Kb
Type : zip

Secret Folder

Hides your folder that can only be accessible through the application and using a password

Hide Folder.rar Hide Folder.rar
Size : 99.818 Kb
Type : rar

Locked Up

Manages the execution of applications in your computer.

LockUp.zip LockUp.zip
Size : 0.079 Kb
Type : zip

Inet Controler

Limits the dialup internet connection to the specified time.

Inet Controler.zip Inet Controler.zip
Size : 0.039 Kb
Type : zip

Safe Delete

Deletes files from your computer permenantly.

SafeDelete.zip SafeDelete.zip
Size : 0.019 Kb
Type : zip

Shaun Memory

A memory game with desktop wallpaper gifts

Shaun Memory.zip Shaun Memory.zip
Size : 4.494 Kb
Type : zip

CSV Filter
Manage your CSV files easier with this smart tool

CSV Filte.zip CSV Filte.zip
Size : 0.028 Kb
Type : zip

CSV Analyzer
Drag your CSV databaseacross this app to instantly generate any kind of 3D charts that can be exported into a .png file

CSV_Analyzer.zip CSV_Analyzer.zip
Size : 35.507 Kb
Type : zip

Image Effects

All the visual effects you need in one small and easy to use application

Unfinished copy!

ImageEffects.zip ImageEffects.zip
Size : 0.147 Kb
Type : zip

Waka Waka Screen Saver

A screen saver to your desktop playing Waka Waka song
WakaWaka.zip WakaWaka.zip
Size : 1.548 Kb
Type : zip

Color Accent Controler
Apply & Control color accent on your photos

Color Accent Controler.zip Color Accent Controler.zip
Size : 87.815 Kb
Type : zip

iPod Extract
Easily extract your photos and music from an iPod device

iPod Extract.zip iPod Extract.zip
Size : 184.29 Kb
Type : zip

XP Note
Colorful notes for your desktop

XP Note.zip XP Note.zip
Size : 58.35 Kb
Type : zip

Battery time calculator
Calculates how long a UPS/Inverter battery can last for a given load

BatteryHoursCalc Binary.zip BatteryHoursCalc Binary.zip
Size : 263.045 Kb
Type : zip

Monitor Sun
Adjusts your screen brightness when you loose your VGA driver

Monitor Sun Setup.zip Monitor Sun Setup.zip
Size : 670.536 Kb
Type : zip

Sleepy Station
Forces your laptop/desktop to hibernate when the power option is missing

Sleepy Station.zip Sleepy Station.zip
Size : 91.76 Kb
Type : zip
Outlook Upsize
Unlocks your Outlook attachment limits up to 4 GBs!
OutlookAttachmentUpsize.zip OutlookAttachmentUpsize.zip
Size : 85.95 Kb
Type : zip

Shares internet connection and turns your PC/Laptop into a powerful hotspot Wifi access point

Wifire.zip Wifire.zip
Size : 75.693 Kb
Type : zip